QTouch 10 - All-in-One POS System with Printer. Complete POS Solution Right out of the Box!

Embedded POS system
QTouch10 Pro - All-in-One POS System

In today’s economy business owners must carefully weigh their investments in order achieve maximum returns. How can you continuously deliver rapid, dependable service during peak hours, manage demands for greater product selections, and at the same time control escalating costs for equipment?

QUORiON’s All-in-One POS system is the answer. The QTouch 10 gives business owners everything they need in one unit without requiring any additional investments or hassles, because it incorporates a number of POS peripherals in one seamless design. Therefore, the QTouch 10 is ideal for smart businesses. You get a complete POS solution right out of the box!

The QTouch 10 comes with a 10.1” spill resistant touch screen, integrated customer display, and Easy-Load printer. It provides maximum convenience, when it comes to serving your customers as well. Simply drop in a new paper roll, when the old one has finished, or quickly register articles via the graphical menu during check out. No bulky display or external printer is required at your point of sale. Most importantly it saves you installation time and costs. However, if you do decide on acquiring extra POS equipment such as cash drawers, scales, or scanners, the QTouch 10 does come with numerous interfaces to address this potential need.

Even though the QTouch 10 has everything built in, it nonetheless retains the small foot print that many have come to appreciate from QUORiON POS systems.

The QTouch 10 entered the product line in 2011. Customers who purchased this POS system did so precisely, because it satisfied their need to have a complete POS system right out of the box. It supplies all the functionality most businesses need and offers low cost of ownership.

Many of our distributors love the versatility of this model, because you can deploy the QTouch 10 in both retail and restaurant settings. The QMP POS software amplifies this attribute by making both retail and restaurant POS functions available.



600 MHz Cortex A8, fanless

Working Memory


Program Memory

512 MB NAND Flash

Data Memory

2 GB Micro-SD up to 32 GB


including QMP SW on embedded LINUX


2 x RS232 power output (5V), 2 x USB 2.0 Host, 1 x USB 2.0 Device,
1 x LAN (100 Mbit), 2 x cash drawer port (24V) on 1 port (Y-cable)


Operator Display

10,1“ TFT LCD Display, analog-resistive, 1024 x 600 pixels

Customer Display

192 x 64 LCD graphic with backlight

Integrated Printer

High-Speed-Thermo-Printer 57/80 mm with Cutter or no printer option


Spill Proof

touch-screen panel

Dimensions (WxLxH)

300 x 300 x 120 mm



Operating Temperature

0°C – + 45°C

Storage Temperature

- 20°C – + 60°C


2 x RS232, Power-Output (5V)

SD Card Reader

as factory option

Cash Drawer

5 x bills / 8 x coins


DALLAS i-Button with 3 keys


Advantages - What does it do?

Benefits - What does it mean?

Satisfaction - Value

All-in-One Design

Includes display, touch screen, printer, card reader, network connection, and user lock in one housing.

You get everything you need for your point of sale out of one box.

Reduces investment and installation costs in setting up your POS system and associated peripheral devices.

Touch Screen with Ergonomic Viewing Angle

The touch screen technology, makes complex menu based ordering simple and efficient. The ergonomic viewing angle makes operation as comfortable as possible.

The touch screen technology allows you to navigate quickly through large lists during item selections. The ergonomic viewing angle ensures that the operator can work with a clearly visible display that minimizes fatigue.

Speeds up efficiency of your business and minimizes errors thereby saving cost.

Backlight Graphics Capable Customer Display

Clearly shows text and graphics to the customer during the sales transactions even under bad light conditions.

You can show logos, marketing messages, and sales transactional information to the customer.

Enhances efficiency of check out process. Increases revenue via marketing opportunity. Establishes store branding with logo.

Easy Load Integrated Printer

Prints out receipts and makes loading paper rolls EASY. Just drop the paper roll into the POS.

No need to buy an external printer for addtional cost and saves on reload time. This is especially useful during peak operation, because it minimizes delays.

Convenience for you and your customers in terms of saving time. Reduces investment costs.

Fiscal Memory Prepared

Should the need arise, you can outfit the QTouch10 with a fiscal memory module.

Makes the QTouch 10 certifiable in fiscal countries by making the option available to to securely store sales data for tax purposes. Few PC POS systems have this option built-in.

Easily upgrade with a fiscal module and prevent the mandatory purchase of a whole new POS system during a fiscal law imlementation.


Speeds up network communication and PC connectivity during programming.

Ethernet interface makes POS ideal for network environments (see below) by providing high bandwidth (high speed) communication. Program 30,000 PLU's in 50 seconds!

Rely on secure communication without data corruption and save on transaction time in your network


The QTouch 10 includes numerous interfaces to provide a maximum of connectivity, ranging from SD cards to USB devices, and Ethernet.

You can connect the next generation of devices.

Minimal investment yields a maximum of return and scalability, so that your POS can grow with your enterprise.

Versatile Software & PC Communication Possible

Easy programming of system parameters such as taxes, menus, reports and much more with Q-Prog (demo).

Powerful features such as floating tables and balances, table management, plentiful programmable system parameters, and easy operation/programming.

Easily adapt your POS program to meet your business's changing requirements.

Industry Leading POS Software

The QMP POS software that controls your QUORiON POS is based on over 20 years of cash register programming experience and therefore includes the entire evolution of cash register software.

Makes all-inclusive customization of your POS possible. Few manufacturers can offer this feature to you. Uncertain? See what others have to say in our testimonials.

Unparalleled flexibility & reliability to meet extensive demands of industry.

Internal Service Center Function

Makes available functions such as software updates, touch screen calibration, hardware diagnostics, and character set selection.

You have built-in access to critical system options, even if the OS fails to start and the ability to keep your system files up-to-date.

Easier maintenance and trouble shooting means lower cost of ownership.

RJ11/RS232/USB Interface

  • Customer display
  • EFT
  • Scanner
  • Scale
  • Cash drawer
  • Modem
  • External POS printers (receipt printer, kitchen printer, fiscal printer)
  • Tap controller, drink dispenser, liquor system

LAN Interface (Ethernet)

  • Portable ordering terminal (QOrder)
  • QTouch10s (network)
  • QUORiON POS systems (network)
  • QMP cash registers (network)
  • PC
  • Server
  • WAN (Wide Area Network)

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